Blyth (aka Captain Blyth) & Jeff held their wedding at Blair Castle, an epic Highland castle, dating from 1269. A true highland romance.
When i realized I was going to visit Scotland for the first time - I immediately felt a big urge to explore the area by myself for a few days, otherwise i will be just shooting trees and mountain tops during the entire wedding. It took about 3 days of road tripping around Scottish highlands to get the feeling that i'm ready to shoot the wedding. You can see the road trip photos here.
It was one of those wedding where i had to remind myself: "This is real, this is happening right now" and be quick on the shutter. That light, this setting, those people. Everything was in its right place at the right time. 
Chillies were a big part of the day, incorporated into the flower decor, table arrangements, hair circlet & buttonholes.
The music was pure vinyl, played by their close friend who owns a record store. Some mad 80'-90' tunes.